Looking for a cool workshop or creative activity?

Saskia is available for tailor made workshops or workshops based on an idea or theme for all ages.


Screenprinting / Stamp making / Sewing / Paper making / Storytelling / Illustration / Decor & Prop building / Upcycling 


Paper / Fabric / Paint / Clay / Paper-Maché / Wood / Lino / Plastic / Scavenged materials


Working for Stichting de Vrolijkheid, Kleinkunstig, Grote Broer and other businesses leading volunteers and interns, she creates workshops revolving around a original plan and concept. Over the years she has built experience with people from different backgrounds and ages and personalities.


Ivn / Volta College, Beilen / Hogeland College,
Wehe den Hoorn Roche, Amersfoort / Usva Cultural Student Centre / Albertus Magnus, Groningen

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