Looking for a cool workshop or creative activity?

Having worked for Stichting de Vrolijkheid for over a year,
leading a team of volunteers and interns. Each workshop revolved around
a plan and concept created by Saskia. She has built experience with children from different backgrounds and ages who are getting accustomed to their new life. 

I’m available for tailor made workshops or workshops
based on an idea or theme for all ages.

Creating comics, world building with materials like clay, experiencing an other world tour? 
Creating illustrations with textile, making toys, games or learn to illustrate your own book.


Creating a comic

Commision: Hogeland College, Wehe den Hoorn

Visualising live business workshop

Commision: Roche, Amersfoort

Paper toys tutorial on Youtube

Commision: Stichting de Vrolijkheid, Ter Apel

Mother & Daughter Portrait painting

Commision: Usva Cultural Student Centre, Groningen

Nude model painting

Commision: Albertus Magnus, Groningen

Character and worldbuilding with clay

Commision: Stichting de Vrolijkheid, Ter Apel

Beastly summer week                              

For Stichting de Vrolijkheid, Refugee centre Ter Apel 

Photo’s of other workshops are coming!