Food forest Toolkit

Have you ever wanted to create your own foodforest?
58 illustrated cards handdrawn by Saskia van der Post, provides you the right information to start a selfsustaining permaculture garden. You can rent the toolkit at the NMF in the following Dutch provinces: Groningen, Friesland & Drenthe.

Starting with the term “Food Forest Toolkit”, it turned into a large project spanning almost a year. With a group of 30 “Foodforest enthousiasts”, Saskia van der Post made a selection of trees, plants, herbs, bushes and mushrooms to fill the toolkit. 
To create an easy browsing experience in the toolkit, we created cards in different heights to represent the 9 layers in a foodforest.

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Natuur en Milieu Federatie

Graphic design

Jochem Koopman


Erik van der Post

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